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3 Things About Dialysis that You Need To Know

When you develop end-stage kidney failure, your kidneys aren’t able to function on their own anymore. 

When your kidneys lose around 90% of their functions, a Dialysis can help the patients to protect their kidneys against future failure. In this form, they can have healthier lives. 

Moreover, it’s crucial that you get information before you decide to start with a Dialysis treatment. 

Your life is important, so this medical procedure is created to enhance your kidneys’ condition. In this way, they can continue performing a little bit longer. 

3 Facts About Dialysis that you need to know

#1. You can choose

You can find different options regarding how, where, and when you will start this procedure. Moreover, you may decide to avoid going to a hospital and do the procedure in a clinic or other place. 

You will work with your health provider to determine the best treatment plan that will make you feel comfortable. 

#2. You can travel while on dialysis

Many patients don’t know it. But, they can travel and get assistance in different dialysis centers across the country. It’s easy for a clinic to transfer your historical record. Moreover, treatment is standardized. Everything can be done when you plan everything before starting your journey. 

#3. You can have a plan in case of any emergency

Ask the health care provider that you’re visiting about an emergency plan. In case of something doesn’t allow you to move and get to your doctor’s clinic, it’s better that you have a plan. Back up names, locations and other important information. 

If you have been dialyzed at home, you can ask your doctor for specific recommendations. 

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