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3 Things About PAD You Didn’t know

Peripheral Arterial Disease is a serious disease that affects thousands of people in the United States. Moreover, this type of disease has become more common worldwide, and it’s affecting 14% of the world population. 

Another astonishing fact is that PAD affects 6 times more people than HIV. With this, you can have a better idea of the huge negative impact that Peripheral Arterial Disease is causing around the globe. 

In this post, we will provide 3 facts that you might not know about Peripheral Arterial Disease. 

3 Things About PAD You Didn’t know

#1. Patients over age 75 suffer the most with this disease

Around 20% of the people who have been diagnosed with some form of the peripheral arterial disease are over age 75. Another important percentage of those patients is also over the age of 60. 

#2. One of three diabetes patients also suffer from PAD

Patients that have diabetes and are over the age of 50 have the potential of also developing a Peripheral Arterial Disease. The worst part is the many of the red flags aren’t evident. Most of the time, those people don’t realize they suffer from this disease, so they don’t get adequate treatment. 

#3. A huge number of amputations in the US is attributed to PAD

Around 150,000 lower-limb amputations in the United States are associated with PAD. This number keeps a constant year after year increase, which means that more and more people are being affected by this condition. 

Take care of your health!

Peripheral Arterial Disease is a serious issue that affects thousands of people around the world each year. The best you can do is try to keep a healthy lifestyle to avoid your body start suffering from vascular or venous issues. 

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