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Do you have leg pain with or without swelling? Do you have a leg ulcer that just won’t go away? Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure or smoke? Were you told you need a bypass? Has someone treated your leg veins numerous times without resolution of symptoms? Are you tired of dealing with your leg pain and want Help?

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Conditions We Treat

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial Disease, is a serious, yet treatable disease, characterized by a narrowing or blockage of the arteries that carry oxygenated blood to extremities such as the legs…

End Stage Renal Disease

Dialysis is a process used to treat patients whose kidneys are no longer working properly. It involves a special machine and tubing that removes blood from the body, cleanses…

Venous Disease

Blood clots can form in the veins and obstruct flow back to the heart resulting in swelling and pain in the extremities (limbs). A blood clot can possibly break off and travel to the lungs…

“The staff was the greatest, they helped me to relaxe, told me everything thing that was going to happen, that to me was very important do to the problem in my right leg, it’s now four weeks later, no problems, no pain, I feel like I did when I was 20.God Bless this people they are great.”

Anthony C.

“ALL OF THE STAFF WERE EXCEPTIONAL!! From scheduling procedure to transportation!!! Thanks to Deanne who explained and answered all of the questions and concerns prior to day of procedure. Barbara made me feel very welcome. Nurse Tong was exceptional. I can not think of anything that needs improvement. Everything was Perfect!”

Joseph F.

“Nurse Tong met us when my wife and I arrived. she explained the procedure. My wife met Barbara who updated my wife and made her feel at ease. Nurse Maria explained procedure and my after-care. All these ladies are a great asset to the facility. All three ladies should receive the highest accolades for providing my wife and I great client care service”.

Julio L.

Our Providers

Ramzan Zakir, MD

Interventional Cardiologist

Daniel Simon, MD

Interventional Radiologist

Obi Imegwu, MD

Vascular Surgeon