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Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Specialists in New Jersey

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Professional Peripheral Arterial Disease Specialists in New Jersey

Peripheral artery disease is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries cause a reduction in the blood flow to your limbs. In addition, your extremities don’t receive enough blood to work as they should do. When this happens, you might feel leg pain when you walk, which is also known as claudication.

Some peripheral artery disease specialists agree that this disease can also be a sign of more widespread accumulation of fatty deposits in your arteries. This condition is better known as atherosclerosis, which may be reducing blood flow to your heart and brain.

Besides, the peripheral artery disease is also a consequence of consuming tobacco, lack of exercise, or having a poor diet. Moreover, a PAD specialist will help you determine the best procedure for you to recover. The good news is that the peripheral artery disease can be treated and managed with the help of the right specialists. 

The main issue with venous disease is that the valves in your veins won’t open correctly, preventing them from adequately pumping blood throughout your body. The valves keep blood flowing one way, and if you have a venous insufficiency, they won’t work like they’re supposed to, causing catastrophic problems.

What Are Some Symptoms of Venous Disease?

You may notice certain symptoms throughout your legs including swelling, pain, itchiness, varicose veins, and your skin looking like leather.

Without the proper treatment in place, you’re at risk of the blood vessels bursting and essentially leading to swelling and ulcers. If you suspect that you have a venous disease, consult your physician as soon as you can, and see what works best for you.

Diagnosis follows taking into account your medical history, checking the blood flow in your legs through ultrasound imaging, and possibly an X-ray. Once your doctor has performed all the tests, she or he can determine what your next steps are.

What Are Some Ways to Treat It?

The main goal is to stop the swelling and prevent leg ulcers from occurring. Taking into consideration your age, symptoms, and other things will help the physician determine what the best plan is moving forward.

First and foremost, lifestyle changes are crucial. Exercise will help increase the blood flow throughout your entire body, preventing pooling and swelling in your legs. If you can’t fit a regular exercise routine into your schedule, try to be active throughout your day to avoid sitting and standing for long periods.

Benefits of Receiving Procedures from Pulse Vascular

Restoring blood flow without aggressive surgery is possible, and presents less risk to patients. Minimally invasive techniques like an angioplasty will stretch open the blood vessel and stenting will keep it open permanently to restore blood flow.

Along with that, at Pulse Vascular, Dr. Hollander performs thrombolysis or thrombectomy treatments to dissolve the platelets in the affected site or physically removing the buildup by way of a catheter. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, Dr. Hollander can finally relieve of your leg pain and swelling through several minimally invasive procedures.

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