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An atherectomy is a catheter-based technique used to improve blood flow within clogged arteries. These procedures require specialized skills and training. Atherectomy is an area of expertise among the interventionalists at Vascular Management Associates. Residents of New Brunswick, New Jersey, have access to a team of skilled, compassionate, and caring professionals and state-of-the-art medical technology.

Angioplasty Q & A

What is an atherectomy?
An atherectomy is a medical procedure used to remove plaque from narrowed or blocked arteries.

There are several types of atherectomy devices to utilize depending on the location and nature of the plaque. If the plaque is hardened, the physician may choose to deploy a rotational or sanding type device. This procedure uses a special catheter equipped with a tiny drill tip. That device rotates, sanding away accumulated plaque and opening the artery. Another type of atherectomy uses a tiny blade that scrapes the plaque from your arterial walls. The 3rd type of device uses a laser within the artery. This is used with softer build up of plaque.

The plaque is sanded, cut, or lasered into microscopic particles that dissolve into the blood stream. The process can be repeated as needed to remove significant accumulations of plaque.

When is atherectomy the preferred treatment option?
Atherectomy is one of several catheter techniques to widen narrowed or clogged arteries. Your doctor evaluates your health history and current medical needs before deciding on a treatment approach.

An atherectomy is a great option if your arterial blockage is in an area where your blood vessels branch, or where a stent is not possible. The physicians will often choose atherectomy to reduce hard forms of plaque that contain an abundance of calcium.

Smoking is known to contribute to arterial blockage, and it can cause your arteries to narrow even after an atherectomy is performed. If you are a smoker, discuss smoking cessation options with your doctor to maximize the benefits of this procedure.

As with all treatment options for narrowed or blocked arteries, lifestyle modification is critical to achieving lasting results and overall health benefits. Making these changes is an essential part of your treatment plan.

What are the risks associated with atherectomy?
All surgical procedures have risks and potential complications. That said, atherectomy is a far less invasive treatment option than bypass surgery or other treatment approaches.

The vast majority of men and women who undergo atherectomy do not experience complications. When issues do arise, they include:

Perforation of the arterial wall Embolization, or blocked arteries due to dislodged debris Restenosis, or re-narrowing of the artery Precautions are always taken to reduce these risks. Seeing a specialist who is experienced in atherectomy and other catheter-based interventions, such as those of Vascular Management Associates, can also reduce the risk of complications.

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