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3 Signs You Might Be Suffering from Venous Disease

The main function of your arteries is to carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Moreover, your veins accomplish a process of transporting the blood back to the heart. 

Venous insufficiency happens when your veins start presenting issues in the cycle of sending blood to your limbs and back to your heart. This means that blood is not flowing properly causing blood to pool in veins in your lower extremities. 

Even though many factors can be responsible for causing a venous disease, the most common factors are related to our lifestyle – and sometimes, it may be part of your family history. 

The best recommendation is that you visit a specialist, so you can have precise recommendations that can help you in your recovery. If you notice one of these signs, try to visit a venous specialist as soon as possible. 

3 signs that you might be suffering from venous disease

#1. Pain in your legs 

The most common symptom or red flag that you might be suffering from a venous disease is a curious type of leg pain. This pain increases when you stand up. However, it is drastically reduced as you raise your legs. 

#2. Varicose veins and ulcers

As your lower extremities are commonly the most affected by venous disease, you will notice some changes. For instance, varicose veins will appear and will continue appearing unless you decide to do something about it. 

Also, ulcers are another red flag. They usually appear in your foot and don’t heal – or heal very slowly. 

#3. Changes in your skin color

Another crucial factor to pay attention to is your skin color. Venous diseases cause some parts of your legs to change their natural skin color. As soon as you notice some changes and you can’t explain the reason behind it, you need to schedule an appointment with one of your specialists.

Take care of your health

Venous conditions are serious issues that might affect your life. Those types of diseases are there and can ruin your day-to-day activities. 

Counting with the help of an expert is crucial for you to start recovering or even preventing venous diseases. Don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment with your nearest venous specialist.

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