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Receive Assistance From Vascular Specialists in the New Brunswick Area

You don’t need to stress when looking for Vascular specialists in the New Brunswick Area. At Vascular Management Associates, you will receive the best medical assistance in the whole area. We count with a multidisciplinary team whose commitment is to provide the best medical assistance to you or any other member of your family.

Please get in contact with one of our Vascular specialists to set an appointment and review your case.

What can you expect from your appointment with our vascular specialists?

Not all vascular conditions have symptoms. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to make an appointment with a Vascular clinic of your convenience. In case you are referred by another general doctor, you can take into account Vascular Management Associates (VMA) where you will receive full assistance not only from Vascular specialists but also, in case you need it, you will count with the experience of interventional cardiologists or radiologists.

At the clinic, you will get a vascular screening, which is a check-up for your arteries and veins. This diagnosis will help you determine if you have vascular disease or not. During the vascular screening, you will go through different inoffensive tests performed by technologists under the direct supervision of your Vascular specialists.

For you to have a better idea of vascular diseases, healthy blood vessels allow the flow of the blood through your whole body. However, if you suffer from vascular disease, you may have weak spots in your blood vessels, or you may already have some of them narrowed and blocked. It’s highly important to mention that many of these diseases are a direct cause of death.

After that, your Vascular specialist will indicate the next steps you need to follow for your care and treatment. At all times, our team will act professionally and honestly, so you get the best services in the New Brunswick area.

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Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of Vascular specialists in the New Brunswick are today. Please click the following button to set an appointment. Vascular Management Associates has been helping hundreds of people in New Brunswick for several years. We have the experience, human resources, and technology to help you get the highest quality service in the area.

Conditions We Treat

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial Disease, is a serious, yet treatable disease, characterized by a narrowing or blockage of the arteries that carry oxygenated blood to extremities such as the legs. We can perform a minimally invasive...

End Stage Renal Disease

Dialysis is a process used to treat patients whose kidneys are no longer working properly. It involves a special machine and tubing that removes blood from the body, cleanses it of waste and extra fluid ...

Venous Disease

Blood clots can form in the veins and obstruct flow back to the heart resulting in swelling and pain in the extremities (limbs). A blood clot can possibly break off and travel to the lungs...

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